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The world is waiting for you to see your light, to give your gifts, to

Give Glow is community for women who want to discover their

power, wisdom, gifts and worthiness.

A place to connect with other women, helping one another find our glow and give our gifts.

Lean in to our leadership. Live life with love and joy.



A variety of opportunities to help you find your wisdom, power and leadership, and move past the obstacles in your life.

Private Coaching


You act like you are doing fine; but on the inside, you are not okay.

You keep yourself busy so that you won't feel pain and isolation.

You know you need help and support, but don't want to be a burden.

You feel shame, you feel scared.

You want to find a way back to feeling like yourself - joyful and at peace.

Schedule a one-on-one coaching session with me. I want to help you find your personal wisdom, power and leadership to break free.

Women's Workshops


Workshop designed to help you reflect and discover your own wisdom. Meet fellow like-minded women and share your wisdom on facilitated topics such as "What is my definition of success?", and "How do I practice self-love?" Be prepared to be reflective, vulnerable, and supportive of others. Walk away with increased awareness and a sense of community.

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Community Gatherings


Come to a giveglow community potluck, vulnerability circle, or picnic to further your connection with the people you have met at women's workshops. Make new friends. Find your tribe.

NOTE: You will be invited to community gatherings after you have attended a give glow workshop or coaching session.


We are often hard on ourselves. We believe that we are inadequate in some way. We work hard to meet expectations of others and of ourselves in hopes that we will be enough - enough to be worthy of love.

Too often, we are working so hard, we forget to notice our own beauty and the beauty of those around us.

We put our best selves forward, hoping to be seen and be loved for who we are.

Yet, what we forget is that when we take the time to get to know ourselves and see our own beauty - our own light, the world begins to see us and love us for who we are.

When we know our self-worth, we show up confidently as our authentic selves. There is no need to wear a mask. There is no mask to hinder our light.

Give Glow is a space for us to notice the beauty within us, and share with other women the light we see in them.

We need each other to be our mirror; to remind and show us who we are.

This community can be a place where we see ourselves more clearly, and a place where we help others see their beauty and leadership more clearly.

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