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Discover the truth of who we are

Each week, we will come together and participate in activities that help us see ourselves and be seen by others.

Give yourself an hour a week - the gift of space - to take pause and discover what is emerging in your experience. Together, we will cheer one another on in bringing out our compassion, power, and love across borders and time zones.


  • 10 min intro and meditation

  • 40 min theme based discussion, activity, breakouts

  • 10 min closing acknowledgements and appreciations

Theme covered in this six week series: 

  • Week 1 (May 4, 5) - Deep listening and self reveal

  • Week 2 (May 11, 12) - Seeing our own essence

  • Week 3-6 - to be announced



  • Each session is self-contained.

  • Participation in previous sessions is not necessary for attending any session in the series.

  • Register and attend as many sessions as you like.


Circle norms:

  1. Observe: Observe and accept what shows up in the moment 

  2. Listen: Listen well, not to respond, but to understand

  3. Hold: Hold a space for others to reach their own truths     

  4. Own: Be the owner of our feelings and judgments 

  5. Love: Acknowledge the virtues we see in ourselves and others

This class is held on Zoom. Invitation ID will be sent after registration.

To register:


12pm PT

Join via Zoom:

Each session:

  • 10 min stretching and breath work

  • 25 min meditation

  • Group sharing/closing


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