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Words of a Hero

I wrote this poem, about six weeks after seeing my therapist, feeling more empowered by knowing who I am.

I never dreamed of becoming a hero.

Never dreamed of becoming a doctor, a fireman, or an astronaut.

The closest I came to dreaming – was the dream of becoming a journalist

For I am always curious about the world,

Always seeking something out there in the world,

Never figure in the fragment of my imagination,

That I would amount to anything in the world.

I’m not saying that I would be a bum,

I’m just saying I never thought I may be a hero.

But life brings surprises in unexpected ways,

And without expectation, I realize I am on a journey to becoming my hero.

I had high expectations of myself,

I worked hard to be perfect.

Perfection wins me love,

Oh, I do so crave love.

There never seems to be enough.

Yet, when love is showered,

I retract behind a screen,

Not wanting to be seen,

Not believing I’m worthy.

We work hard for love,

We work hard for safety.

The world is a scary place,

We don’t want to be lonely.

So I keep working to perfect myself,

But winter came and snowed me into submission.

The cold of winter sharpened my senses,

And I began to sense my inner-self.

She has been sitting there gently inside me,

Waiting patiently for me.

Waiting for me to find her, to keep her company.

My inner-self is ever loving, ever safe,

And once found, she sets me free.

Let go of your fears. You are not alone. I am here.

“Find your hero’s journey!” she says.

A journey laid with treasures,

Each turned to reveal a discovery.

Discovery is what a seeker seeks.

What will I be? That we will see.

What I do know is what I am now,

A seeker – eager to partake in her hero’s journey.

I do not know how many climbs and falls lay ahead.

What I do know is that at the end of the journey,

I will smile at the road I’ve walked,

Savor each step I took,

Every memory that stitched the road,

Regardless of where it took.

Thank you winter for showing me my hero.

Thank you inner self for being my hero.

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