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Two Swimmers

A poem inspired by a short love story between a great man and I. Choosing to love is easy, but falling in love is not a choice.

Two swimmers wanted to swim in the pool.

Swimmer one is me; Swimmer two is you.

I jumped in the shallow end – cautious like a bunny;

You jumped in the deep end – brave like a fire.

Both of us not fully knowing,

Where each swimmer stands,

How each swimmer swims,

When we are swimming in unknown waters.

You swam feverously, calling me to join you.

I want to join you, I really do!

Yet fear of deep waters pulls me back,

Weight of past love holds me back.

Two strokes forward, one stroke back,

Each stroke forward, makes me stronger.

Healing my past, carrying me forward,

Giving me hope, for a better future.

I see you calling out to me,

Offering safe haven – a place peaceful like deep sea.

Your love floats like a buoy,

Always present amid choppy seas,

Weathering high seas and low seas,

Always floating, despite stormy seas.

Your soul is strong and deep like an anchor,

Steadfast to guide me to a better future.

But even the best swimmer wanes,

Your fire is drained by the waves.

You realize you cannot wait,

Your fire is burning out quick.

You can no longer bare the pain,

It’s time to stop the choppy waves.

I now realize I wanted you to swim towards me,

To give me your hand, and lead me to where I need to be.

But I know once you soaked up deep waters,

It’s near impossible to swim in shallow waters.

It’s as unnatural as asking a cautious rabbit,

To jump headfirst into deep waters.

So swimmer one and swimmer two cannot meet,

At least for now, it’s not meant to be.

“I’m getting out of the pool,” says swimmer two,

“Okay, I understand,” says swimmer one.

I’ll stay in the shallow pool, and wait for the weights to fall off.

Wait for the chance to swim on.

Perhaps swimmer two will return to the pool one day,

Perhaps he’ll dip his foot in the water,

Perhaps he’ll realize it’s not the right pool for his motor.

Perhaps he’ll choose to jump in the shallow end,

Perhaps he’ll choose to jump in the deep end again,

Only swimmer two will know where he stands.

Thank you for your strength,

Thank you for your love,

Thank you for your inspiration.

I hope we swim again.

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