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Flexing My Masculine Energy

Recently, I noticed that a few successful business women share one trait in common. They share the ability to demonstrate what I named as “masculine energy” at the workplace. They have the ability to assert their opinion without being overly concern about what other people think. They do not care about adhering to the stereotype so common among women – the stereotype to be nice. They use humor, and some of them even say something shocking intentionally, to draw attention. The ability to muster masculine traits like humor and assertiveness can be very effective, especially in masculine dominated environments where women’s voices are not always heard.

This observation led me to think about how I value men who have the ability to demonstrate “feminine energy” – a caring energy which translates into the ability to listen, collaborate and empathize. I love the versatility in men who has the balance of both masculinity and femininity.

However, when it comes to how I identify myself, I have always shied away from adopting masculine energy. I have conditioned myself to be nice and feminine. I am someone who can’t shout loudly even when I try.

If I value men who can balance and flex both masculine and feminine energy, why won’t I feel the same for myself?

This revelation makes me want to adopt more masculine energy, yet I don’t know what my unique masculine energy looks like and how I can find it.

But what I know is this: once I am aware of what I want to change, once an idea is planted, life begin to reveal the path.

I just responded “no” to an email request from a close girlfriend in a factual and honest way. That’s a good start to practicing masculine energy - a necessary step to valuing my self-worth.

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