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Follow the flow of life

Imagine we are fishes swimming along a river.

We swim with the flow of the current, swim with the flow of life. Trust the flow, let it carry us, and hope it takes us to a good place – even if it wasn’t the place we expected. Along the journey, take in every person we run into, every bank we pass, every sensation we feel. Take the path of ease, find joy in every moment. Radiate love, kindness, empathy, compassion. Let the positive energy vibrate through the water. Affect everything around us, including the people, the plants, and the rocks.

Can we look at life this way? Can we not feel isolated, not feel like we have to fight against the current of life?

Can we see that we are one with nature? We are part and all of nature?

What’s the purpose of swimming in the river? Is it to find a mate so we can procreate? Is it to reach a destination? Is it simply to experience the swim?

No one really knows the answer. We are all guessing. We tell ourselves a version of a story that serve us, that keeps us swimming.

My version of a story is to experience the unique traits and the unique path we have been given. We are fishes of different species: some of us are rainbowfish, some are clownfish. Play our role in the greater picture, impact everything around us – people, plants, earth. Trust that we are doing and being exactly what we are meant to do, meant to be. The only compass for guiding me on how to swim is my intuition, and choosing the path of love and joy.

What is your version of the story? What is guiding you?

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