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Love yourself every morning

Mom says every good day must start with a good breakfast.

While that is true, what I find to be even more helpful is to start the day with positive outlook and high sense of self-worth.

I answer the following questions every morning to put myself in such a state:

  • What makes me believe in myself? Why do I believe I deserve good things in life?

E.g. I have the determination to create and try new things.I have been successful in the past. I have the resources and network to succeed.

  • What are three things I can do today to contribute to the world in some way?

E.g. Support my friend Mike at his meetup. Respond to Sally’s question via email. Show appreciation for my neighbor who helped me out yesterday.

  • What are three things I can do to be good to myself today?

E.g. Relax with a bath. Give myself permission to ponder when I feel unmotivated/stuck. Deprioritize requests from people that do not fulfill me.

  • What is one thing I can do today to make progress toward my goals?

E.g. Send emails to promote my next workshop.

  • What am I most grateful for?

E.g. Friends who support me.

  • If I accept/love myself 5% more, I would…

E.g. Let go of the need for my next workshop to be a success, to be perfect.

Completing these questions set me up with positive mindset and direction for my day. It helps me see why I’m worthy to be alive in this world, and make any challenge I’m facing manageable.

Try it out and let me know if you do!

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