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Sing like you are in the shower every moment of your day

Do you worry often? Often feel like there is something you should be doing to move ahead? Find it difficult to be present and joyful most days?

For the past three years, I’ve been working tirelessly on understanding how I can be joyful and loving every moment of the day. I read books, listen to talks, journal, and meditate constantly to find the answer.

What I found to be the barriers to my ever-lasting joy and peace are two culprits: the relentless self-critic and the constant worrier.

  • Self-critic has a need for constant productivity, recognition, and achievement. It makes me feel I am, and never have, enough.

  • Worrier wants to optimize and plan to avoid future pain. It is fearful that if I relax, I will get complacent and suffer in the future.

The problem is not that I have these two voices, but that their voices make up majority of my thoughts.

My suffering is self-inflicted. It has nothing to do with what’s happening externally, and everything to do with how my internal mindset.

These two voices can be collectively named my hustler – the ego part of me who never wants to sit peacefully. Every moment is spent in hustle is a moment lost to being joyful. The habit of hustle is absurd but I didn’t know how to change it.

And then, this week, I had an insight about how to re-wire my brain.

Make the feeling of singing in the shower my anchor. Every time I catch myself hustling, remember how it feels when I sing in the shower.

I realized that I am usually most relaxed when I’m in the shower. This is often the time when I hear music in my head, start humming to the tune, and sometimes get great ideas. Similarly, when I go on walks in nature, I tend to hear music in my head, where the frequency of my hustling thoughts diminishes. In these moments, the hustler knows I’m on a walk or in the shower, and there is nothing more I need to do and worry about in that moment.

To be joyful, all I need to do is shift my mindset to the space where I hear music in my head. I can replace decades of hustling with the practice of hearing inner music.

Being in a state of inner music is the way for me to raise my vibration. When we raise our vibration, we send positivity into the world; the universe respond with good energy and good thing in life.

Instead of work hard >> success >> happiness, switch the equation to happiness >> flow >> success.

Replace feelings of threat with energy of challenge and fun;

Replace feelings of not enough with gratitude and love;

Replace the need to hustle with joyful songs and dance.

Be in the state of joy and success, then joy and success will come and meet us.

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