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Mid-life crisis? or mid-life alignment?

Do you see yourself having a quarter-life or mid-life crisis? Why is it a crisis?

Many people see mid-life crisis as a challenging time where they feel dissatisfied with their lives and question how they want to live differently. Oftentimes, their friends and family label their predicament as the mid-life crisis. Since we tend to adopt the beliefs expressed by our culture, many people going through this transition view themselves in a state of crisis waiting for rescue.

Instead of telling ourselves a story that put us in a victim role, why not re-frame ourselves as the hero whose time has finally come to serve our true gifts to create a better world?

Instead of yearning for simpler times when we are satisfied with our routine lives, why don't we walk courageously into the unknown and redefine what fulfills us?

It’s definitely scary to throw everything we have worked towards attaining in our lives out and be open to new possibilities. It's easy to fret about:

  • Am I really going to do something completely different and disregard the advanced degrees/work experience I had worked hard for?

  • Am I really going to end the relationship with this person I had shared my life with for over a decade?

  • Am I really going to leave the community I had built here and move to a new place where I don’t know anyone?

Yes, if that’s what we feel we are called to do; if we feel that’s what we have to do to become our next best selves.

In these times, I find it helpful to put faith in something bigger than myself. The universe/source/god is summoning me to transition to a new chapter so that I can better serve my purpose in this lifetime. If you find it difficult to have faith in your own judgement, feelings, and ability to weather the storm, try putting faith in a greater power that is calling your soul to take action.

In addition, we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. We make demands such as:

  • If I let go of my successful career to pursue something new, then I must succeed in my new venture.

  • If I am giving up a relationship, then I must make sure I’m happier in my new relationship or in being single.

Just because we made a decision to venture out, doesn’t mean we should find success at the destination. Don’t put so much pressure on ourselves. Don’t beat ourselves up if what shows up is less than what we expect.

Enjoy whatever shows up. Accept reality for what it is. And most importantly, love ourselves for taking a risk – no matter the outcome.

If we take no risks, there is zero chance of winning. We win simply by taking a risk on ourselves.

Every risk we take helps us learn something new.

Every learning makes us realize what fulfills us.

Knowing what fulfills us get us more aligned to the gifts we bring to this world.

Knowing our gifts makes us understand who we are.

We learn more about ourselves and about life by venturing out. What we learned and experienced, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is the reward.

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