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Mottos to live by for a more joyful life

My energy level is low more often than not recently. This is not new as I have been through long periods of fatigue in the past. Fortunately, my past fatigue episodes have given me wisdom around what I can do to help myself.

I know that:

  • Badgering myself for being a sick, lame, unproductive human being only makes it worse

  • Sensations of low energy, pain or sickness are temporary

  • Even though pain is present, suffering is optional

Even when physical ailment is present, I can be joyful if I choose to be. My mindset dictates how I feel more than my body, and the more often I am in a joyful-peaceful state, the faster my body will heal.

Motto 1: Live life unexpected

Often I wake up with an expectation of what’s going to happen today. My mood is then dependent on how great I think my day will be. If I think something bad will happen, I worry and worry until the event passes. If I think something good will happen, I feel good until the event passes. If that something doesn’t meet my expectation, I feel sad like a child who didn’t get her candy.

This recipe only leads to misery. So I remind myself to live life unexpected. Don’t think about the future so much and build a story about what’s going to happen. Focus on the present and be happy. If I can’t be happy right now, why do I think I will be happy in the future?

Motto 2: If I can’t be happy now, why do I think I will be happy in the future?

My mind always finds something to worry or complain about. It always focuses on how life can be better, I can be better. Once I reach a goal, another one shows up. My satisfaction is temporary. My thirst for more never quenched for long.

If I can’t be happy now, I won’t be happy in the future. My life will pass by with me spending more time in worry than in joy. I will miss out on all the best days of my life for better days that aren’t real.

Be happy right now. These are the best days of my life.

Motto 3: Put my limited life energy to good use

I used to be happy only when I’m busy. Not having any plans on Friday night makes me feel miserable. Not having any plans for the weekend is unimaginable.

I say “Yes” to as many social appointments as I can, squeeze in 3-4 workouts a week, shop for groceries 2-3 times a week, and work 40 hours a week.

Now that I have limited energy, I realize I may have put my body and mind on overdrive previously, and my body is forcing me to prioritize where I spend my life energy. It makes me think more deeply about what energizes me and what depletes me. It gives me permission to say “no” to relationships that aren’t truly fulfilling, say “yes” to watching TV or doing nothing without guilt. It helps me care less about what other people think when I say “no.”

Be my own best friend and spend time with me. Stop caring about how others and my own ego will judge me.

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