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2020 Vision

Excerpt from January 2020 give glow newsletter

We have arrived in year 2020. Happy New Year everyone! 20/20 is the measurement of normal visual clarity and it inspired the idea of having clear vision. What if clear vision is represented by having a beginner’s mind? The ability to see the world with unfiltered lens. Seeing the world as if it is our first encounter with the world. Seeing the world with the eyes of a newborn. Imagine the amount of baggage, judgement, preconceived notions, conscious and unconscious bias, always and already stories that will fall away.

Imagine the amount of wonder and joy we will experience when we see the world through beginner’s mind. Every moment will be new. All expectations will fall away. There will be no such thing as "SHOULD". We will be fearlessly curious. As Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” With beginner’s mind, everything will look like a miracle. In 2020, my intention is to live with a beginner’s mind. The lessons are already pouring in. When it snowed yesterday, I assumed it won’t be safe to drive because in past snow storms, I was unable to get my car back into the garage on the hill. I didn't even bother to check the road. Luckily, I had to push the recycling bins out to the curb for pick up, and to my surprise, the roads were cleared! I was able to drive to the gym. Today, I assumed I would take the bus downtown because it wasn’t safe to walk on the icy sidewalks. Again, I was wrong! I saw other people walking and was inspired to walk all the way downtown. These examples from Seattle snow days may not seem significant, but every time I see that I assumed wrong, it reminds me to clean my lens. A more meaningful example happened over the holiday break when my parents told me that I drive too fast. My initial and usual reaction is to get upset at them for criticizing me. However, with a new lens, I see that maybe they are channeling a message from the loving universe. A message that reminds me to slow down and be safe. My irritation with my parents melted completely away when I see from this new lens. Okay, maybe not completely, but I definitely felt at least 90% better. Life is much more fun when we open our hearts and mind to whatever shows up. One miracle that happened over the New Years is getting inspiration from the universe and writing four poems:

  1. Poem about finding joy and wonder in beginner’s mind

  2. Poem about surrendering our ambition to the flow of life

  3. Poem about marriage

  4. Poem about finding balance in striving

And a miracle that happens every moment of every day is that I’m breathing, seemingly effortlessly :) Love, Jennie

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