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Sing with turmoil

After the first weekend of unrest in Downtown Seattle, I was saddened and overwhelmed. These two poems came one after another, guiding me with it's wisdom that I have yet to embody.

First: Turmoil

Turmoil rolls within

I wish I could cry but there are no tears

The rumbling will not stop until action becomes clear

Don't rush, and don't push it down

Don't distract yourself into feeling better

Sit patiently and let the electric current flow through your body

Fully embrace the aliveness

Be one who is called to serve as one

You may feel naive to make this a magical quest

For you to find your purpose and meaning

Why not see the world as magical

Dance and sing with the wind and the birds

Chirping for a sunny joyous day of harmony

Feel into the deep sorrow

Mourn the suffering that is life

Rejoice the ups and downs of being alive

Second: Sing

Sing with me

Sing the song that will lighten our suffering

Reminds us of our heart strengths

The beauty within each of us

Together we are stronger

We remember the feeling of being together

Singing alongside one another

Right now, as we had, in centuries past

We remember how were one

We overcame tremendous obstacles before us

This time is no different from those times

We will stand again side by side

Sing into reality, creating love once more

Come sing with me my friends

When we sing we lighten our loads

We sing for hope and for joy

Sing to hear the deepest parts of our soul