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Heal myself. Heal the world.

A poem/prose that arrived on an emotionally sad day - related to the necessity of grieving in these times, often filled with anger, overwhelm, and sense of helplessness.

We are all a little bit afraid of our feelings

We judge ourselves for our pains and wounds

Some of us hide away, keep our feelings in a box

Afraid of the overwhelm opening the box may bring

Some of us express our emotions aloud

Hoping other people will hear us and take care of our needs

When we are not heard, we get even louder

Emotional and justified in our feelings

One person may be hiding

The other more enraged by the other's silence

How we choose to express our pain is unique to us

In a world full of pain and suffering,

How do we heal ourselves and each other?

We got to allow ourselves to fall into the pit of despair

All of us jumping into the deep end

For this is where we heal our collective pain

Together as one, embraced by the love we share for one another

Together we are stronger

Together we can hold the space for one another's despair

The process to healing is a messy one

And it will require more patience and self care than we typically allow ourselves

Do you trust me? Would you hold my hand and fall into despair with me?

Despair is bearable when we do it together

Despair is okay as long as we find meaning

Despair is as much the essence of life as Kindness, Compassion and Love

Love and fear are two sides of the same coin

The more we embrace fear

The more we can love

A broken heart is a tender open heart

Opening our hearts is the work for healing our collective pain

Make no one your enemy. Not other and not yourself.

We are all in this together

Doing the best we can based on what we are aware of at this moment

Yes, other people can be more aware

Yes, I can more aware

The more aware and resourced I am

The more I can lift others up

So please hold my hand and fall into despair

Something beautiful and unexpected will emerge

Let's take one step forward together

Into the collective pain and love

Do what we can in our own sphere, our own community

The destination is unclear and we won't know it even when we have reached it

For life is just a series of steps falling into love and pain

Feel fully into each moment, and then let it all go, and start over again.

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