Past Workshop / Circle

Gain Clarity and Feel Empowered

This workshop is for you if:

- You want to understand how to have empowering thoughts and emotions that allows you to shape your reality.
- You want to change the dynamics of any relationship in your life.
- You want to gain momentum in achieving something you want in life.

At this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to work through your specific challenge. We will walk through an exercise that helps you gain clarity on what's holding you back.

You will walk away from the workshop with:

- A new perspective on your current challenge
- A deeper understanding of what drives your emotions
- A tool that helps you think through future challenges at work or at home

What workshop participants have said about the workshop:


"Workshop helps me dive deep into the problems that have bothered me, and come up with a positive way to look at the problem, which I can apply in the future."


"I learned to distinguish facts from biased stories, and got to know myself a little better. More importantly, through the seminar I discovered the power of getting exposure to different perspectives. Just by listening to stories from those lovely ladies, it clicked me in ways that I wouldn't have imagined. I went to the session with questions from my personal relationship, but I walked away with tools that can be applied even to my career path. I feel very much enlightened."


"I feel more confident and gained clarity on what is next for me and how I will reach it."

Feeling Successful

Does this sound like you?

- You work hard to be successful, to feel worthy
- You introduce yourself to others by your profession
- When work falls apart, you no longer feel successful as a person

If this sounds like you, you and I are alike. Let’s get together with like-minded women who put a high value on our career, and talk about how we find our sense of success, our sense of purpose.

At this facilitated discussion, we will help one another:

- Deepen our awareness on how we measure success
- Discover ways to getting unstuck from usual inhibiting voices
- Practice empowering habits that help us feel successful


What workshop participants have said about this workshop:


"This session and group were incredible - thank you!! Very well-facilitated and organized. The material was so relevant to all of the participants present and the session was enlightening and motivating!"


"Today's workshop motivates me and I learned a lot about myself and my future. It opened a door for me to see a brighter and more hopeful path."


"I really enjoyed learning about myself and that I am not the only one experiencing the struggles of life. Sharing our life experiences and attributes allowed me to see my authentic self. The experience couldn't been more positive! The workshop fed my soul :) Thank you so much. This is not what I expected."

Discovering your Life Purpose

Do you:

- Feel a yearning to create an impact in this world?
- Want to discover your unique talent and give your gifts?
- Want to pursue a life that fulfills you, a life that fulfills your life purpose?

This workshop is designed to help you gain clarity on your life purpose. We will work through exercises to discover the magical intersection where your passion, your skills, and what is needed in the world collide.

You will walk away from the workshop with:

- More clarity on what drives you
- Steps you can take to refine your life purpose
- Courage to pursue what's most fulfilling for you

What workshop participants have said about this workshop:


"Very insightful! It gave me a new perspective on how I can create a plan and evaluate my life."


"Great start to opening the door to dream again. Ignited me to feverishly pursue what sets my soul on fire - makes me feel free and alive."


"I like the structure. The paperwork is very dynamic. It gave me clarity to my plan - how I can combine two of my passions."

Discover Freedom and Confidence at Work

This workshop is for you if you are a professional woman working in traditional corporate work setting.

- You are tired of the politics around you, tired of playing the game
- You want to feel more successful and find fulfillment in your work
- You feel like an imposter sometimes and want to be confident and empowered at work

At this workshop, you will learn what has been holding you back and gain more clarity on what you can do to find personal freedom and confidence at work. Through self-reflection, partner sharing and coaching exercises, you will:

- Discover what hinders your personal power
- Gain tools to heighten awareness of your emotional triggers
- Learn a framework that fosters self-confidence and worthiness

What participants have said about this workshop: 

"This workshop really helped me re-frame an issue that had a negative impact on me, and allowed me to reframe it in a way that made me feel hopeful and inspired instead. I will definitely be employing this framework in the future. Talk about "re-wiring"!

"You did a great job teaching me how to tap into my feelings and insecurities. It was like counseling! Had great takeaway for work & life."

"The slideshow, venue and handouts were very well thought out. Jennie has years of experience working in large corporations and has dealt with it all! She provides feedback based on her own experience but allowed us all to be heard at the same time. I truly appreciated this workshop that left me feeling like I should place more value in myself. It was eye opening to see how people from all backgrounds have the belief that they are not enough."

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